Where Do You Rate on the Dental Anxiety Scale?

Does just the thought of a visit to your Calgary dentist’s office make you anxious? Are you restless or fidgety, especially when you’re uncomfortable? Were you scared of the dentist when you were younger, and has that fear carried over into adulthood?

Anxiety is a big reason why many people put off seeing their dentist even for a checkup or cleaning in Calgary, let alone dental surgery. If you have moderate to high anxiety, there are sedation dentistry options in Calgary available to make your next trip to the dentist a much more comfortable experience.


Here’s a closer look at different levels of dental anxiety and the type of sedation that’s right for you:

Low Anxiety
Even low anxiety dental patients exhibit some behaviours that make a dentist’s job slightly more difficult. While your mind is open to the idea of a dentist’s visit, your mouth may still not cooperate. Common symptoms of someone with low dental anxiety include:

  • Minor tension in jaw and/or neck
  • Tongue battles
  • Gag reflex

Depending on the reason for your visit, you may need at most a local anesthetic to get through your next visit to a Calgary dental clinic.

Moderate Anxiety
Some anxiety is typical when visiting the dentist and nothing to be embarrassed about. If you experience the following symptoms when visiting the dentist, especially for an operation like getting your teeth filled or having a root canal, then oral sedation might be right for you:

  • General nervousness
  • Fidgeting
  • Heightened tension in jaw, tension throughout arms, upper body, neck and head
  • Urge to talk or disrupt the procedure

If this sounds familiar, oral sedation is usually the right option to help you stay relaxed and cooperative during your visit. With oral sedation you will be conscious and fully aware during your visit, but numb to most pain and discomfort.

High Anxiety and Dental Phobia
At its most extreme, dental anxiety can reach phobic levels, sending some patients into an anxiety attack at the mere thought of an operation. This can sometimes be caused by a traumatic experience earlier in life, such as a painful dental operation that was performed without the proper dose of anesthetic. If you experience extreme anxiety then IV sedation may be the best option for you. With IV sedation, you will be able to comfortably sleep through your procedure without feeling any pain or discomfort.

At Woodcreek Dental Care, we understand the different levels of dental anxiety and can provide you with the right form of anesthetic or sedation to make your next Calgary dental clinic visit as comfortable as possible. We’ve helped countless patients regain control of their oral health; let their testimonials inspire you to do the same. Contact us today to set up a consultation and we can go over your options together.


Once again I was treated with gentleness and kindness. My dental work was done under sedation. Other than the obvious results afterward, I’m not even sure I was there.

If you are looking for a dentist but are afraid, I strongly recommend Woodcreek Dental. They do a great job with sedation.

Jodi H

As a patient with an overwhelming phobia for all things dental, I am thrilled to have found such an understanding and supportive group of professionals at Woodcreek. Their IV sedation has enabled me to begin much-needed treatment, and I’m actually looking forward to having more work done! Thank you so much!!

Linda S

I went with the IV sedation and was extremely happy with the work that was provided; I am writing this the day after my procedure – which was extensive. I have no pain and I can tell that great care was taken even though I was completely sedated during the procedure.

Two Thumbs Up!!

Rene F

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