Dental Fillings at Woodcreek Dental Care

The bacteria that cause that sticky, fuzzy feeling on your teeth in the morning actually release acids that erode the surface enamel of your teeth, eventually creating decaying holes in the tooth’s surface. We can preserve the healthy part of your tooth by removing the decay and applying a filling to the cavity.

The composite fillings used at Woodcreek Dental Care are tooth-coloured. We prepare the tooth for the filling with an etching solution that helps the composite adhere to the tooth. The composite is then applied in thin layers to compensate for the slight shrinkage of the material as it hardens. Your filling will blend into your tooth’s natural colour and help to protect your tooth from further decay.

You can help prevent cavities with good oral hygiene, a well-balanced diet and regular preventive care. Schedule your cleaning and dental exam at Woodcreek Dental Care.

Consider replacing your amalgam fillings with composite fillings for a more natural appearance.